Evolution Marketplace Has Mysteriously Vanished


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The Evolution Marketplace, considered by many people to be one the most popular online illicit marketplace since the first Silk Road, has vanished off the road map without warning, absconding with an estimated $30 to $35 million worth of bitcoins, in what is believed to be a well-executed exit scam. But unlike Silk Road, there’s no indication that the FBI are behind the recent closure. Evolution Marketplace dealt in drugs, illicit weapons, fake goods, stolen credit cards, and guides to executing fraud as well as an assortment of hard to find contraband.

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Evolution Marketplace

Founded in 2014 in the wake of Silk Road shutdown, Evolution Marketplace differentiated itself with its eagerness to deal in illicit weapons and stolen credit cards, compared with Silk Road’s focus on hard drugs. Like Silk Road, the site was only accessible through the anonymous web-browsing software known as Tor and provided a slew of illicit products for sale in bitcoins.

Large sums of money had passed through the Evolution Marketplace since its launch, and owing to its centralized escrow system, its founders would have found access to any cash kept in accounts awaiting transactions. Within hours of the shutdown, users were crying foul with some claiming to have lost bitcoins worth hundreds of thousands of dollars due to the sudden closure.

Darknet MarketplacesAccording to one anonymous user, such a scam should have been expected simply because one of the founders,Verto, used to operate a website known as Tor Carding Forum that dealt in credit card fraud. It was also closed down early Tuesday. It is difficult to estimate exactly how much bitcoin the admin shave made off with although it is believed to be worth around $30 to $35 million dollars. An anonymous website user posting on Reddit claimed to have lost almost $20,000 worth of bitcoin as a result of the closure.

It is said that the website halted withdrawals over the weekend, blaming a technical error, but disappeared completely on Tuesday. The website’s admins, who go by the name Kimble and Verto, attempted to calm users hours after dropping off the web, but they had no information as to the real cause of the outage. At a time of its apparent disappearance, Evolution was home to almost 20,000 drug dealers, far more than its predecessor.

The Evolution Marketplace relied on such cryp to currency as bitcoin to trade in illicit goods. Cryp to currencies are difficult to trace and don’t leave a clear paper trace in a similar manner as traditional, standard bank transactions. Reliance on cryp to currency also gave the site operators access to vast sums of virtual cash being transacted because they were stored in hot wallets or online.

It is a big blow for the community of people that use these such Deep Web black market sites, some people have been ripped off big time and it instills a bigger sense of untrust worthiness in the model. It will take a while to recover from this.

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