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How Online Black Markets Can Reduce Drug Related Violence


Regardless how you feel about the illegal drug trade, whether it’s sympathy or disgust, it’s safe to say the industry’s lack of regulation leads to a lot of drug related violence. We’re talking armed robbery, deals gone wrong, conflicts between dealers, and the rest.

Online black markets are still illegal and full of shady people, of course, but due to their unique set of circumstances, they almost completely eliminate the violence typically involved in the drug trade.

Here are some of the reasons how.

Separated By The Internet


It’s hard to commit a violent act when you’re not even in the same place. Now consider you’re not even in the same state or country. That disconnect, courtesy of the World Wide Web, is one of the biggest ways online black markets help curb violence.

Both buyers and sellers are still targeted for theft, only online, it’s a hacker remotely emptying their online wallet, rather than a gun in their face. And dealers aren’t waging turf wars, battling it out for the best spots and better profits.

“Real life” drug trafficking often attracts sellers from the worst kinds of backgrounds, getting the market tied up in gang activity, gun trafficking, and other illegal activities that only increases its tendency to end in bloodshed. These risks are avoided by dark markets.

There’s also less conflict with police for all parties involved. Online black markets definitely have less people being slammed to the ground, handcuffed, and tased by law enforcement. Cops themselves are also much safer without the dangerous no-knock raids, which regularly cause injuries and cost lives for all involved – buyers, sellers, law enforcement, and innocent bystanders and children.

Third Party Moderation


Online black markets also deter violence by moderating disputes. Buying drugs is usually a risky process. There’s a chance you’re dealing with someone you barely know, a person who spends their lives on the wrong side of the law.

There’s absolutely no guarantee you’ll get what you pay for – or even get anything at all. The quality may not live up or it could weigh significantly less than what you paid for. Worst case scenario, it won’t even be real drugs or your money will be lost when someone runs off.

But there’s no real recourse. Deals are conducted in abandoned parking lots, dark streets, or a random living room, with no system of checks and balances in place. Participants are avoiding the cops, so obviously they can’t turn to them for help if something goes wrong. Their only option is to take matters into their own hands – with violence.

When using online black markets, there’s a higher standard that all parties are held to. Products and vendors are reviewed publicly. Both buyers and sellers can be banned for scamming. And in the event of a dispute, admins can step in and get to the bottom.

Perhaps it’s just a simple misunderstanding or delay that’s easily sorted out by a third party.

Eliminating the Risks

The drug trade may always be illegal, but it doesn’t have to be dangerous and violent. Most buyers are just normal people indulging in a harmless vice. Better that they conduct their business in a place that’s regulated and mostly safe.

And in the event of a dispute, better they are banned than killed.