What Has Happened After Evolution Market


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Launched on 14th January, 2014, Evolution Market was considered the largest and most stable dark web gun and drug market. Just like Silk Road, Evolution Market was only accessible through the anonymous web browsing software that is known as Tor and offered various illicit products for sale in bitcoins. Evolution experienced tremendous growth after its launch and by November 2014, when Silk Road 2.0 was shut down by the FBI, it had more than 26,000 total listings.


On March 18th 2015 Evolution Market vanished in a puff of pixels. The anonymous owners of the Evolution Market who used the pseudonyms, Verto and Kimble pulled an exit scam. They pretended that the Evolution Market website was having technical difficulties which made it difficult for sellers and buyers of Evolution to withdraw funds. Then they shut down the website and absconded with all the funds held in users’ escrow accounts.

A moderator of the Dark Markets subreddit has claimed that the owners of Evolution Market have been trying to steal more money by making an attempt to use user login credentials for Evolution Market on other black markets, particularly Agora. Buyers and sellers who had used identical passwords for their Evolution and Agora accounts have complained of lacking funds and account hacks.

One of the site’s owners of The Armory, an online black market for weapons, has stated that the closure of Evolution boosted their sales, after a “sluggish but regular improvement” over the earlier years. The Armory spokesperson has said that they get a mean of approximately $75,000 in sales per 30 days from Tor, with an undisclosed quantity from in individual sales.

Subpoena Issued To Reddit For 5 Users' Information1

HonestCocaine, an online black market vendor have decided to go solo and is reaping the benefits. The supplier determined that a bespoke retailer was an essential after Operation Onymous, which led to the closure of Silk Road 2.0 and other darknet sites. HonestCocaine said that having a personal retailer was all the time a part of the plan, but after Operation Onymous it became a priority due to the high possibility of the law enforcement agencies carrying out operations similar to Operation Onymous. HonestCocaine also said that their retailer opened in early December and if Agora Market was to fail, their website would be one of the best places to buy cocaine on the darknet.

Individual vendor websites have their obvious disadvantages. It takes a good deal of technical ability and work for one to maintain a hidden service on Tor. This means that they are likely less secure than the online black markets that have a sizable staff (Evolution Market had numerous administrators, a PR representative, a legal expert and a doctor, as well as the scammer owners, who are known as Verto and Kimble).

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