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Darknet Activity Remain Strong As Global Campaign Increases


A lot of big brands have seen a lot of their trademarks being infringed upon in darknet marketplaces. Although most of the sales are drug related, there are a lot of counterfeit products being offered on these darknet marketplaces.

mt1largefmtAccording to a report from Marcello Tallarigo, who is the director of online brand protection at Corsearch, (a company that helps corporations protect their trademarks), the global campaigns that are aimed at shutting down darknet marketplaces have been on the rise over the last six months, and as of November, a joint international task force resulted in the removal of 413 illegal darknet services, which included marketplaces like Silk Road 2.0, Hydra, Alpaca, and Pandora. In addition to the removal of said services, the task force also resulted in 17 arrests.

Due to the success of the international task force, eight of the top 10 marketplaces on the darknet as of July 2014, were no longer in business. At the same time, the nature of the darknet is very fluid, and other marketplaces have replaced those that left, with the Evolution Marketplace becoming the largest of them all.

While law enforcement agencies have had some success recently, with the elimination of other marketplaces, it isn’t much when you look at the big picture. According to a research conducted by The Tor Project, there are about 30,000 anonymous hidden services on the darknet; many of these services will be legal, because people like journalists use the darknet to share information anonymously. However, a large percentage of these sites, like the Evolution Marketplace, are used to conduct illegal activities, and they seem to be growing strong, despite the take downs by law enforcement agencies, which is why industry experts are predicting a rise in the use of darknet by cyber criminals in 2015.

As previously mentioned, the Evolution Marketplace is currently the biggest darknet marketplace, this is due to the number of listings on the site, which continue to grow daily since its inception in 2014. Transactions on Evolution Marketplace are conducted using bitcoins, because they are untraceable, and they are held in an escrow account, to prevent fraudulent activity by both the buyers and sellers.


Part of the reason the Evolution Marketplace is more popular than the other marketplaces is due to the fact that they have been more reliable than their counterparts, and they have been able to stay online, despite efforts to shut them down. Their pages load faster than most of the other sites, and their escrow system helps to protect all parties involved in a transaction.