A Full List of the Current Dark Market Sites

_70475253_hoodIt can get pretty confusing trying to keep up with the Darknet. Since the fall of the Silk Road, it’s been a complete free-for-all. New markets pop up left and right, only to get hacked, scam their customers, or be shut down.

Last we checked a total of 27 dark markets were shut down in one fell swoop during November’s government raid, “Operation Onymous”. But they didn’t get them all.

Here’s a list of the sites that remain.

    • Evolution Marketplace: Currently the biggest dark market, Evolution offers public membership and doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to inventory. Everything from drugs to guns to fraud materials is available here.
    • Agora Marketplace: This site is invite-only, but that hasn’t stopped them from becoming the second largest dark market in the game. Some recent issues have users fearing an “exit scam” (when the owners take all the bitcoins and bolt), but we’ll see if and how they recover. You can buy a little of everything here, similar to Evolution.
    • Black Bank Bitcoin Market: Black Bank is one of the more respected dark markets around, known for the quality of their vendors and product. They also offer multi-sig escrow.
    • Outlaw Market: This one has been around for a while, founded back in the days of the original Silk Road, under the name Drugs N’ Bets. Their top notch security has helped them survive, and lack of internal wallets means the owners can’t make off with the cash – as easily.
    • The Armory: An individual vendor that limits itself strictly to guns and related accessories, The Armory has become somewhat infamous in dark market circles. Most people remain convinced that it’s a scam – never shipping the high-priced weapons it advertises – but it somehow manages to stick around regardless.
    • Panacea Flower Sanctuary: No, they don’t sell flowers, but they do sell plants. Panacea is the dark market for buyers who just want a little marijuana and would prefer to avoid all the other craziness that comes with many of the other marketplaces.
    • The Majestic Garden: If you’re a psychedelics lover, this is the dark market for you. It’s one of the newer kids on the scene, but on the plus side, there are no fees for using it – something very common on most other marketplaces. Transactions take place P2P (peer-to-peer).
    • TOM Marketplace: From Tor, The Onion Router, comes TOM, The Onion Market. The two are not affiliated beyond the fact that you use one to access the other, however. This site is similar to Agora, in that it requires a referral to join.
    • Shiny-Flakes: A vendor on several of the other marketplaces, Shiny Flakes also operates his own site. It’s unique because it operates on the “clearnet”, which is the regular ‘.com’ internet we use every day, rather than the .onion the rest of the list uses. Despite this, they’ve managed to build a stellar reputation with buyers.
    • Ramp: Or Russian Anonymous Marketplace is pretty much what it sounds like. It’s a forum for Russian speaking and Russian-based buyers and sellers that’s been around for quite a while.
    • Silkkitie: Similar to Ramp, only this dark market is in Finnish and catering to users from Finland.
    • System D: This dark market is still very new and as of this writing, has only 23 drug listings and a handful of hacking books for sale. Only time will tell if they’ll be able to establish a foothold in the Darknet.
    • Dream Market: Dream Market is another newbie, though it’s been around a bit longer than the likes of System D. The site doesn’t provide anything particularly special and hasn’t made much of a name for itself just yet, but stay tuned.
    • Dark.Net Services: This site is not a centralized market like most of the others but instead hosts sites for various individual vendors at a set fee.
    • Silk Road 3.0/Diabolus: Diabolus Market sprouted up right before the raid that saw Silk Road 2.0 taken down. That’s when the newly found “cannabis only” dark market re-branded itself Silk Road 3.0 Reloaded and drastically shifted its focus. It’s also one of the only markets that accept darkcoin.
    • Nucleus Market: Another of the recent additions to the Darknet, Nucleus accepts not only bitcoin and darkcoin, but litecoin as well. This may be a little confusing to some of you, but just know that it gives people more options – which is a good thing.
    • Middle Earth Marketplace: For the Lord of the Rings fans out there, is the Middle Earth Marketplace. This dark market has been around for about 6 months but hasn’t made much of a mark yet among the other sites.
    • Anonymous Trade: There’s not much to differentiate this market from the others, and it’s still fairly new compared to some of the older sites. It’s the only other site that accepts bitcoin, darkcoin, and litecoin.
    • Area51: Another site without much information or feedback, this marketplace was founded by some of the early minds behind Outlaw Market.

Subject to Change

Just within the last month, there have been numerous sites opened, and more than 20 shut down. The dark market landscape is constantly changing and evolving.

The idea of online black markets itself is still in its infancy but seems to be catching on in a big way. As it grows and evolves, who knows what changes we’ll see next.