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What Are The Risks In Using Sites Like Evolution Market?


Are You Safe On the Darknet Markets?

Ordering Safely

online-credit-card-purchaseOnce someone’s decided what they want from the Evolution Market, it’s time to find the right vendor. That means not only comparing prices but reading through reviews and feedback. This system of checks and balances will ensure you’re dealing with someone reputable.

With that out of the way, it’s time to break out the bitcoins, a digital currency that is largely anonymous. They’re extremely hard to trace back to their user, even more so with a process called “tumbling”, which is pretty much digital money laundering.

The funds will go into something called a multi-sig escrow, which requires two out of three parties – buyer, vendor, and market admins – to sign off on the money’s release. This deters would-be thieves from making off with the loot when no one’s watching.

Any communication between vendor and buyer should be done using PGP encryption, which will prevent anyone watching from deciphering what’s going on. The buyer’s address will also be encrypted, which protects them should their info fall into the wrong hands.

Receiving Safely

shutterstock_35846809Speaking of your address, many buyers prefer to use something called a drop address. This is essentially a place where they can receive packages – but is not their actual house. Using a drop address puts an extra layer of anonymity in the mix, since there’s nothing connecting them to the location or, by extension, any packages that arrive there.

Evolution Market vendors, the good ones at least, will make the package extremely inconspicuous. Anything with a “smell” will be vacuum sealed. And many will even include a decoy item, which can throw off a nosy person at first glance.

Where Are The Risks?

A buyer who’s taken the appropriate steps to protect themselves will be very difficult to trace. And the truth is, law enforcement doesn’t have the resources or desire to chase after everyone who’s ordered a tiny amount of marijuana or whatever. It’s simply not feasible.

They’re focused on busting the Evolution Market bigger fish, the sellers, as well as buyers ordering large amounts; since it’s assumed they’ll be turning around and flipping that on the streets themselves.

But let’s say customs, the local police, the FBI, whoever, gets on a buyer’s trail. They’ve tracked them back to their place.

Getting off could be as simple as claiming they didn’t order the package. With no paper trail linking them to the package, there’s nothing to prove it’s even for them. Sure, their name is on it and you’d probably assume they did purchase it, but there’s no real proof of any crime.

In the end, buying things from online darknet markets like the Evolution Market is way safer than on the street, where a simple traffic stop at the wrong time could be enough to put someone in jail. It’s actually very, very rare that buyers are busted on the Evolution Market or any other market.