Update: If you are looking for a Darknet Market then I would head over to Dream Market. They are the biggest, have been around for a long time and they are constantly upgrading the system to make it more secure
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What Is The Evolution Marketplace?


If you’re gotten this far down the rabbit hole, chances are you’re already familiar with things like the darknet and the Silk Road. But just in case you’re completely lost, we’ll start things off with a brief recap.

darknetThe darknet is essentially a private, anonymous subsection of the internet accessed using something like Tor. The darknet is part of the deep web, an area of the internet that isn’t indexed by search engines. Here you’ll find some crazy stuff – but mostly just academic databases and other junk that isn’t particularly interesting.

The Silk Road is the most infamous example of something called a darknet market or DNM. At one point it was the biggest of many such marketplaces, where people bought the kinds of things you’d want to stay anonymous for – drugs, weapons, stolen credit cards, and other illegal goods. Think of it as a digital black market of sorts.

The market thrived for more than two years, from early 2011 to late 2013, under the extremely tight security provided by the Tor network. But eventually the FBI busted the site and arrested its founders. With its absence, smaller and newer markets clamored to take its place.

1405370403963539Which brings us to the Evolution Marketplace, which was created in January of 2014. Despite some controversy surrounding its founders, Evolution Marketplace has quickly grown to be one of the top two marketplaces in the darknet.

The Evolution Marketplace is similar to its predecessors and peers in many ways. Users can browse a selection of wares, offered by a variety of different vendors. You’ll find everything from heroin to submachine guns for sale.

Decide on something you like – perhaps a few grams of hash – and you’ll throw a few bitcoins in your online wallet and put them in escrow to fund the purchase. The vendor then (hopefully) ships it off.

Not surprisingly, there’s quite a bit of scamming that goes on in this anonymous marketplace known as Evolution Marketplace. Buyers don’t pay or falsely claim a package never arrived. Sellers insist on the funds being released and then never send the product.

That’s why markets come with a rating and feedback system, much like what you’d find on Amazon. There’s also a dispute system that will get administrators involved when you feel the other party isn’t holding up their part of the bargain.

What makes the Evolution Marketplace different is their overall customer experience. The Evolution Marketplace site is said to be faster and more user friendly than its competitors, with little downtime. When you’re operating behind multiple layers of encryption in the dark corners of the internet, a little extra speed is quite welcome.

On top of that, their commitment to customer service is above and beyond what you’d expect from an illegal online black market. Users have praised their responsive support, and they’ve even hired a PR rep who hangs out on message boards and responds to complaints, handles interviews, and the like.

This helped the Evolution Marketplace climb to the top of the pile, along with Agora. And the gap has now widened even further, with recent raids shutting down almost all the competition. We guess the security of Evolution Marketplace is top notch, as well.